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Services and Pricing

There are various parts to the videography projects we produce. These relate to the intended use of the files, mainly what you, the customer intend to do with them.

Auditions for college entrance or competitions

There are often strict limits on how these are recorded and submitted. They are often audio only or single camera and there is no editing allowed.

Archival DVDs and Audio CDs

These are used as a record of the performance either for documentation or for grant applications and other fund raising purposes. They can be as simple or complex as you want. You may chose to get the raw video files and edit them yourself.

Recitals and concerts

There is a great variation in this category, from a private teacher’s young students to grand opera. It is also the category with the most options of recording involved. We work very hard to put together the best package for each customer.

Demonstration Video

There are many options here too, depending on what you want to demonstrate and how you want it delivered. You can demonstrate complex bow techniques on the world wide web and provide DVDs of a master class for your students and teachers who missed it.


Creation of DVD from tape or file VHS, Super VHS, BetaCam SP, Digital BetaCam, Betamax and conversion of PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL.

Although what the customer intends to do with their files is the driving force of what equipment we use to capture it, there are many options in this. We strive to provide the best mix of time and equipment to do the job well and within your budget.


As you can see we support a variety of services. Our basic rate for a video shoot is $60.00 per hour, per camera. Our editing rate is $50.00 per hour. Media transfers are also $50.00 per hour but we do not charge for the time to transfer the video to the computer as that is a background operation. Please contact us for our full price list. Please contact us for a quote for your particular project. We try to accommodate everyone’s individual needs.